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Projects, Activities and Interests

In generating new ideas, exploring potentials and turning visions into reality I live creativity and passion.

Curricular Activities and Interests

On my professional way from an apprenticeship / masters study as electronics engineer to management consultant and entrepreneur I was successfully working on series of interesting topics, of which I would like to introduce some to you here:

At work:
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship, also in the city council
  • Business project management from planning (business case) to implementation (organization-, process- and system design) and distribution (marketing & sales)
  • Organizational development & change management
  • Product and project management
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Banking services from operations and trading to risk management, compliance and management support
  • Establishment of new banks/ operational going-live
  • Real estate development and urban planning methodologies
  • Software innovation in finance and real estate- / urban development 
  • Enterprise application architectures as well as embedded systems
  • Business intelligence and core banking systems
Studies and hobbies:
  • Electronics & embedded systems
  • Artificial intelligence and neural networks
  • Robotics and navigation systems (UAV, INS, IMU)
  • 3D graphics for CAS
  • Sustainable cities, housing and energy production

Extracurricular Activities and Interests

Various sportive and cultural activities absorb me during week nights, week ends or "holidays":
  • Sailing (since 2012)
  • City Councillor at Maennedorf responsible for the urban planning department (2010-2014)
  • Lecturer and consultant to Universitas Soegijapranata, Semarang, Indosnesia (2003); follow up project Indosity, an educational city planning application (2006-2010, modularCity since 2011)
  • Active in local politics for glp, the party that stands for liberal, sustainable leadership in Switzerland (since 2008)
  • Volleyball player and head coach (until 2006)
  • OpenWood cinema in the woods (one time Gerlikon event)



Thanks to Open Source Communities

As you might guess, I also occupy myself updating this homepage and checking out the open source developments. Visit phpwcms, Typo3, coppermine and other projects. Appreciate the efforts of these open source communities. Great job!

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